A few things about me…

Me in numbers…

  • 10+ years copywriting/editing
  • 20+ years design/marketing
  • 25+ years personal development & spiritual growth (participating & initiating, learning & guiding)
  • 30+ years observational human analysis (customer service & people watching)
  • 49+ years living, succeeding and failing forward in this life, plus the wisdom brought forth from my many previous lives.

Non-biz stuff…

I love to read and watch movies across a variety of genres, though supernatural and personal-journey stories are always a winner (Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series is a big favourite). I also really enjoy singing along to alt-rock music (Nick Cave and Evanescence are constantly on replay) and playing family games with hubby and our two children (Marvel Codenames is our current go-to).

Me in words…

I have a myriad of business experiences – working for myself, employed by others in small and large organisations, private and public sectors, retail and commercial industries – but the path that actually led me here is motherhood.

Although I have been active in personal development and spiritual growth for several decades, it wasn’t until I was on the emotional rollercoaster of parenting that I experienced a profound personal evolution.

Motherhood cracked me wide open, revealing all the facades I had been wearing for so long, and bringing to light the self-limiting stories I was living into… all through the meat grinder of depression and anxiety.

I soon understood that much of my disintegration – and what I saw happening all around me – was due to our social tendencies to compartmentalise ourselves instead of living as the whole physical-mental-emotional-spiritual beings that we are.

I realised that to show up as a complete person required me to reconnect to my values and make them the driving force behind who I am in every aspect of my life. Healing my gangrenous beliefs and connecting to my inner-wisdom led me to a level of self-awareness and personal responsibility that truly transformed my life. Hence my passion for owning our personal truth.

During this time, I also started to gain an understanding of the detrimental effect of this same compartmentalisation in our business world. Consumers are demanding more honesty and integrity from those they do business with, while many organisations are still stuck in dated habits of spin-doctoring and pushing hidden agendas. What we really need – as a global force for conscious growth and ethically-profitable business – are entrepreneurs who are willing to show up in their full humanity and serve their clients from their highest potential. Hence my passion for empowering entrepreneurs who have the courage to build their business with heart.

My Business Vision – and the journey I am blessed to share with my clients – combines these two passions. By guiding micro and small business owners to embrace their full selves, they can supercharge their efforts in transforming the lives of their clients… and the ripple effect of inspired people living with grace, while taking responsibility for how they show up in the world (as parents, partners, colleagues, friends etc) is what will create a new definition for authentic business success.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your first service experience with me is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. So there is NO RISK to you in taking the next step on your journey to clarity. Please see #11 in my Client Agreement for the T&Cs.