A few things about me…

I believe you already have much of the wisdom you seek inside of you.

My role is to guide and support you in shedding the layers of conditioning and outdated beliefs that are stopping you from being your most awesome self.

Artemiss Keyhani
Me in numbers…

  • 10+ years copywriting/editing
  • 20+ years design/marketing
  • 25+ years personal development & spiritual growth (participating & initiating, learning & guiding)
  • 30+ years observational human analysis (customer service & people watching)
  • 49+ years living, succeeding and failing forward in this life, plus the wisdom brought forth from my many previous lives.

I am passionate about self-empowerment because it has been my own journey… one that has profoundly blessed my life.


Although I had been active in personal development and spiritual growth for several decades, it was motherhood which cracked me open and revealed all the limiting beliefs and stories which I had been living into for so long.

In the absence of my old facades, depression and anxiety became the new way I experienced the world. I eventually understood that much of my unravelling was from the conditioning that had me compartmentalising myself into different roles/aspects of myself, instead of living as the whole physical-mental-emotional-spiritual being that I am.

I realised that to become a healthy person required me to reconnect to my personal strengths and values, and make them the driving force behind every aspect of my life. Connecting to my inner-wisdom led me to a level of self-awareness and personal responsibility that transformed my life. Hence my passion for owning our personal truth.

I also noticed the detrimental effect of this conditioning in our business world, where companies are pushing from the mind/logic space despite consumers demanding more consideration and integrity in how they are treated. What we really need – as a force for conscious growth and ethically-profitable business – are people who are willing to show up in their full humanity and serve their clients with authenticity. Hence my passion for empowering entrepreneurs with the courage to build their business with heart.

With a keen interest in emotional intelligence, personal development, spiritual growth, ethical business, and all things at the intersection of science and energy, I admire the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Brene Brown, Dr Lissa Rankin and Simon Sinek.

I have a deep love of learning and continuously bring new ways of being, thinking, feeling and sensing into how I serve my clients. You can read about my approach to coaching here…

And if you would like to explore how I can support you on your journey, please book in for Let’s Talk discovery session.