Me in numbers…

  • 10+ years copywriting/editing
  • 20+ years design/marketing
  • 25+ years personal development & spiritual growth (participating & initiating, learning & teaching)
  • 30+ years observational human analysis (customer service & people watching)
  • 45+ years living, succeeding and failing forward in this life, plus the wisdom brought forth from my many previous lives.

Me in words…

I have a myriad of experiences – working for myself, employed by others in small and large businesses, private and public sectors, retail and commercial industries – but the path that actually led me here is motherhood.

Although I have been active in personal development and spiritual growth for several decades, it wasn’t until I had to traverse the emotional rollercoaster of parenting that I experienced a profound personal evolution.

Motherhood cracked me wide open, revealing all the facades I had been wearing for so long, and bringing to light the self-limiting stories I was living into… all through the meat grinder of depression and anxiety.

I soon understood that much of my disintegration – and what I saw happening all around me – was due to our social tendencies to compartmentalise ourselves instead of living as the holistic physical-mental-emotional-spiritual beings that we are.

I realised that to show up as a whole person required me to reconnect to my values and make them the driving force behind who I am in every aspect of my life. Healing my gangrenous beliefs and connecting to my inner-wisdom led me to a level of self-awareness and personal responsibility that truly transformed my life. Hence my passion for owning our personal truth.

During this time, I also experienced deep frustration about the accepted level of deceit and spin-doctoring that happens in many companies that we (the trusting consumer) put our faith into. I believe there is a different way of doing business: where integrity and transparency are the norm rather than the exception. Hence my passion for ethics in business.

A few years ago, I answered my soul’s calling by combining these two passions, and my vision now is to empower SMEs to connect to their inner-wisdom and lead the change towards joyful, fulfilling and ethically-profitable business. This inspired way of being is what our world needs – and deserves – now.


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