Business Alignment 

These are some of the topics we can delve into during our 1:1 Business Clarity Program or 1:1 Business Explore Session.

Our focus is always on you being connected to your inner-wisdom and working in alignment with your personal strengths and values.

As such, we approach each topic first through mindset and self-awareness, and then the practical components to be applied to your business.

Business Alignment topics include:

  • Mindset & Discernment ~ increasing self-awareness around your habits and beliefs, empowering yourself for better decision-making, bringing in greater ease and grace
  • Personal Values ~ identifying your core values and using them as powerful amplifiers in your business
  • Personal Purpose ~ clarifying your impassioned ‘why’ and tapping into it as a genuine differentiator
  • Business Vision ~ crafting your values and purpose as the driving force of your business
  • Business Mission ~ defining how your business delivers your vision, and using it as an essential tool in strategic planning
  • Business Path ~ defining what your business really offers, aligned with your vision and mission
  • Niching ~ refining your services and/or market from an expansive and inspired space
  • Aligned Client ~ identifying and understanding who you truly serve, so you can genuinely connect with them
  • Customer Journey/Service ~ building a framework for outstanding service and understanding how to add value at each stage
  • Case Studies/Surveys ~ creating opportunities for deeper insights into your services and/or market
  • Testimonials ~ crafting client feedback for authentic marketing and tangible social proof for overcoming objections
  • Brand & Branding ~ understanding the power and role of your brand, and how to actively use it for business growth
  • Brand Audit ~ assessing how you are currently perceived and how to improve on opportunities
  • Briefing ~ learning how to brief designers and other creatives to ensure you get the best results for your investment
  • Brand Guardian ~ defining your brand energy and voice, encapsulating the heart of your business/project
  • Origin Story ~ mapping your journey to create a powerful About Me/Bio that connects to your Aligned Client
  • Content Ideas ~ exploring and planning topics to educate and inspire your clients through blogs/vlogs/social media
  • Marketing with Heart ~ identifying ethical strategies and how to use them in a way that feels aligned to your strengths and values
  • Creating Offers ~ planning your service/product options to meet the needs of your Aligned Clients
  • Defining Success ~ clarifying what true success means to you personally
  • Setting Goals ~ crafting goals which are authentically aligned with your desires
  • Prioritising Your Priorities ~ getting focussed on the important things first
  • Practical Tools for Goals ~ utilising various planning tools to achieve your goals with flow
  • Super Goals ~ using intention and awareness to magnetise your goals