A Certain Woman ~ online group program

Does overwhelm sneak (or storm) into your life more often than you’d like?

Are you feeling guilty no matter how much you pretzel yourself trying to please everyone?

Do you set goals and make vision boards, only to give up on them after a few days?

Online group program

  • 4-week program, starting Tuesday April 20, 2021
  • 1-hour live teaching via Zoom every Tuesday @ 6pm
  • Weekly exercises & journal prompts
  • Facebook group for active ongoing support
  • $111 investment


So much in your life comes down to your ability to make a good decision… with a clear head and peaceful heart.

But after years of being buried under the weight of others’ expectations and putting everyone else ahead of yourself, you’ve lost touch with your inner-knowing.

That little voice that speaks up for your truth.

That part of you which lives with confidence.

Now is your time to integrate – your soft heart as a child, your vital energy as a teen, your powerful wisdom as an adult – and become the whole you.

A woman who is certain. Of herself.


Through the path of personal development and spiritual growth, we will explore:

  • developing your intuition & strengthening your discernment ~ and when to use them
  • identifying triggers & limiting beliefs ~ and how to heal them
  • understanding your coping mechanisms ~ and how to work them to your advantage
  • using Shadow work ~ as a journey of self-discovery to inner-awareness

BONUS: at any time during our 4-week course, you can purchase an Explore Session with me (1-hour via Zoom) for personalised and focused support and growth for only $111 (usually $181).

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