Coaching Topics

These are some of the topics we can delve into during your 1:1 Clarity Journey and/or subsequent 1:1 Explore Session.

Our focus is always on you being connected to your inner-wisdom and working in alignment with your personal strengths and values.

As such, we approach each topic first through mindset and self-awareness, and then the practical components to be applied to your specific situation.

Some of the challenges I support my clients with include:


Whole of Life

  • overwhelm & over-busyness
  • procrastination & stop-start-stop pattern
  • ineffective personal boundaries & goals
  • indecisiveness & disconnect from inner-wisdom

Parenting Connection

  • poor relational limits between parent & child
  • inconsistent family energy & dynamics
  • disagreements with shame & blame
  • lack of respect & being validated

Business Alignment

  • hazy mindset, values & purpose
  • vague ideal client niching
  • erratic marketing & content development
  • unclear services & product offers