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Spiral to Self membership


  • Live sessions Wednesdays @ 7.30pm EST (and/or watch replays when it suits you)
  • Teachings & guidance, Q&A & sharing ideas, meditations & healings
  • Journal prompts & self-awareness activities for deeper insights
  • Private forum to ask questions, support others, share your experiences/insights
  • Active coaching support by Artemiss in the forum
  • Access to all past sessions
  • Automatically join Clarity Community
  • Special prices for 1:1 coaching, and upcoming workshops & courses

$22 per month – no lock-in contract so you can stay for as long as it serves you, and cancel any time you choose.


Special WELCOME offer…

As we are a shiny new community, our early members are those who help build and nurture the collective energy and culture.

In expressing my gratitude, I offer the special price of $15 per month for those who join by Friday August 26 midnight.


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Clarity Community


  • Free to join
  • Access to meditations, insight videos, interviews & other resources
  • Ask questions & share ideas about living 3d-5d, abundance, attachment, awakening, boundaries, co-creating your reality, compassion, consciousness, dream work, coping mechanisms, emotional intelligence, empaths, energy alignment, energy protection, forgiveness, generational patterns, goal setting, grief, healing, Higher Self, inner-child, intuition, journaling, karma, limiting beliefs, manifesting, overwhelm, parenting, past lives, people-pleasing, psychic abilities, relationships, rituals, self-awareness, shadow work, shame, soothing the Ego, Soul-connection, spirituality, surrendering, triggers, Universal flow… and more.


Join our Clarity Community now…

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