Escaping to retreats in the wilderness or doing intensive workshops, away from the interruptions of daily life, are powerful ways to break through our personal blocks and find deeper connection with our Divine Self.

But how do we bridge the experience-gap after such an event and apply our new found spiritual connection within the demands of our busy schedules? Or what if it is not even possible for us to experience such an escape in the first place?

The great news is that we can access our Divine Self through sacred ritual and intentional action, starting where we are right now, using whatever is readily available.

Rituals are a powerful way for us to enter sacred space where we can forge a closer bond with our Divine Self. And anything can be deemed sacred just because we decide it is so! Here are three examples:

  1. Transform something you already do every day into an opportunity to connect to your Divine Self.

For example, as you shower in the morning, visualise the water washing over you as a golden light cleansing away all of your worries. Feel Universal Love fill your body. Take a moment to ask your Divine Self what message you need to keep in your heart today and see what comes to you.

  1. Dress yourself to align with the vibration you desire that day. Sometimes we may crave dark calm colours to help us feel grounded, while other days we need bright colours to lift our energy.

Perhaps you choose to wear the special necklace your grandmother gave you because you need her loving presence to support you through a challenging time. As you put on the necklace, affirm the connection: “Thank you Grandma for being with me today, offering your support and love”.

  1. Forgive yourself. One of the biggest sources of disconnection from our Divine Self is our guilt or sense of not being good enough.

You can either do this while in an energised state (like dancing to your favourite high vibe song) or in a relaxed state (like when you are preparing to go to sleep). Once you have become centred in that activity (energised through the dancing or relaxed after laying down) ask yourself “What do I need to forgive myself for right now?” Don’t analyse the answer, but accept the first thing that pops in your mind (it can be as simple as burning the roast or something significant like arguing with a loved one). This is not the time to get stuck in the details but to merely extend compassion to yourself, sealing it with “I forgive and love myself completely”.

Bring awareness to your every day habits and see what fun you can have creating meaningful rituals that keep you in touch with your Divine Self. Because life is much better when we work in partnership with ourselves.

And bonus points for rocking out with Billy Idol’s “Dancing with myself”… just because.


©Artemiss Keyhani, 2018
Photo: Perlinator from Pixabay