A few years ago, I attended regular Lightworkers Development Circles. During one session, the facilitator led us on a visual meditation then suggested we ask Source a question, as specific or general as we wanted, and be open to see what came up.

I had been really struggling with my role as Mother for some time – not just daily challenges and bad moments, but intense anger and resentment towards the life I was living. Going into the meditation I asked “how do I step into my power as a Mother?” 

Instantly, I found myself on a lush green hill, running with Ms 5 and Mr 2 and laughing with carefree abandon – which is so rare for me. It came to me clearly: I need to allow myself to enjoy them more, every day, in all the little things. 

Then I was standing on stone steps – narrow, broken and steep, they went down into a black ravine that I couldn’t see the bottom of. Either side of the steps were sheer drops – it was like teetering on stilts. I was gripping Mr 2 in my arms and clutching Ms 5 by the hand, so certain that in a moment we would plunge into the abyss and there was nothing I could do about it. Absolute terror paralysed me. But suddenly a feeling came down over me – a blanket of peace. My body relaxed and I was now unshakably certain that we would be OK, that I had the strength needed to keep us safe and not be lost to the void.

And then we walked into a small clearing and sat in a circle together. At once huge white angel wings burst from my back – and felt natural as if they had always been there. I wrapped them around my children, cocooning the three of us in a lovely serene space.

The workshop facilitator then told us it was time to come back from the meditation. I had a moment of panic as I thought “how will I pull my kids along as I fly back?” but then as I stood, holding onto their hands, my wings folded back to reveal that both of my children now had their own beautiful white angel wings. The three of us flew up together. And I cried in joy and relief.

I am a human angel. I am courageous and resilient for myself and my children, but I don’t need to fear for them every step of the way because they are very capable within themselves.

I only need to BE with them in joy and love.

©Artemiss Keyhani, 2020
Photo: S.Hermann & F.Richter, Pixabay