How I serve…

I don’t play the ‘shame, blame, obligation game’ or hustle you into someone else’s vision of what you *should* do.  

BUT I do honour you as the expert in your business, so will guide and empower you to work in a way that is authentic to you.

I don’t bypass or placate your emotions and keep you stuck in your stories.

BUT I do compassionately witness and reflectively listen so I can bring your awareness to the patterns which no longer serve you.


I believe you already have much of the wisdom you seek inside of you.

My role is to support you in shedding the layers of conditioning and out-dated beliefs which are stopping you from being your most powerful self. 

You are the only guru you’ll ever need.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your first service experience with me is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. So there is NO RISK to you in taking the next step on your journey to clarity.

Please see #11 in my Client Agreement for the T&Cs.