Intuitive guidance

Everything and anything can have meaning and offer intuitive guidance if you’re looking for it.

Intuitive messaging is not about receiving cryptic codes from some mystical or unknown means outside of yourself, but bringing to awareness something that your Higher Self and/or subconscious mind wants you to know right now.


Connecting to your intuition

When you first start connecting to your intuition it can feel slippery.

Like trying to grab a leaf floating on top of a pool of water – the ‘reaching’ itself can create waves which push the leaf further away. Instead of grasping, you want to gently put a net under the leaf and raise it, removing it from the water so you can hold it and look at it more easily.

Until you become more familiar and confident in using your intuition, you can use ‘connection tools’ to act as your net.


Connection tools

Every day ‘muggle’ items can be used as tools to connect to your intuition. For example, a song on the radio, page from a book, picture in a cloud, as well as those officially designed for this purpose such as Oracle Cards and the Tarot.


Your imagination

Sometimes, when linking in to your intuition, you may struggle with doubt and ask “what if it’s my imagination and I’m just making it up?”

Well, the wonderful thing is that your imagination is much closer to your intuition than logic is!

It’s perfectly OK if you’re not certain whether what you feel/know is intuition or imagination – because in playing with either of those, you create more space in your awareness for that which is NOT logic.

In fact, if you are struggling with accessing your intuition, decide to only use your imagination for now – and through that practice release your need for ‘logical facts’.

Then, once you are comfortable with working in your imagination, move on to connecting with your intuition directly.


The gift of being connected

The more you work with intuition and your Higher Self, the more your energy strengthens and exists in that space naturally.

Through the natural integration of your intuition in how you interact with the world, you will find it easier to recognise aligned opportunities, act with confidence, and attract the people/resources your desire.


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