There are many ways to access and strengthen your intuition.

Here is one way you can play with it – and I do mean PLAY because having FUN leaves you more relaxed and open to noticing even subtle details and feelings, while being too serious and holding strict expectations of how things should play out will close you off to many synchronicities.


1) Choose the connection tool you would like to use (oracle cards, favourite book, song on the radio) and have it accessible, as well as a journal and pen.


2) Decide on the question that you would like support on from your Higher Self.

Note: do not ask a yes/no question because choice is up to your human free will. Instead ask for guidance or awareness… for example “what does my Higher Self most want to me to be aware of for (situation)” or “what does my Higher Self wish me to know about my decision to (situation)”?


3) Connect to your inner-self (you can use my Centre to Self meditation or any breathing exercise which focuses on your heart-centre) and anchor yourself into your body.


4) Ask your Higher Self the question you prepared earlier. Hold it in your mind as you continue to breathe into your heart-centre.


5) Be aware of any sensation in your body, any emotion arising, or any thought floating in. Don’t get attached to anything but let it all lightly land while you take notice.


6) Now open your eyes and use the tool you selected (draw an oracle card, open the book to a random page, turn on the radio to see what song is on, etc).


7) Pay attention to the FIRST emotion you feel and/or image that comes to your mind in response to the card/text/song – this first impulse is the clearest access point to your intuition, before your logical mind jumps in to solve the puzzle.

The more you strengthen your intuitive connection, the longer you can hold the space for intuition to speak to you before logic takes over (and eventually you can suspend it altogether if/when you choose).


8) Start journaling what you are feeling/seeing… just allow the words flow without any editing or scripting.


9) When the writing comes to a natural end, re-read your question and review what you received through the tool, and this time invite your logic in to use the intuitive data alongside all the other sources of information, and see what other insights come to you.


10) Write your insights down and observe them for the next day or two – do you notice any signs? Does a thought or symbol keep popping into you head? Do you see any repeating imagery?

These ‘echoes’ are all part of your intuitive connection, and as you strengthen this connection you will notice the echoes around you more often. And the awesome thing is that they have been there all the time, but now you can finally SEE them.


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© Artemiss Keyhani, 2021
Photo: Sarah Keen @Truthfullyau

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