Despite many years’ experience in sales, customer service, running two other businesses, and a decade of active personal development, I felt ill-equipped in establishing my new initiative as a health coach.

I was missing confidence in myself and clarity in my marketing message, as well as practical steps of what to do in launching my new business. All of this, plus juggling three children and an existing family business, left me overwhelmed and feeling like I never had enough time.

Artemiss created a safe space, then asked questions (deep questions!) in order to really get to know me and help me understand myself. Clearing out blocks and improving my mindset – basically getting out of my own way – has been phenomenal! I am so glad there’s a business coach out there who ventures further than the ‘usual’ surface-level business topics.

Having a clearer head helped me with goal setting and focusing on what was important. All of this fed straight into us collaboratively creating practical guidelines for my content creation, customer service protocols, branding and copywriting, marketing and creating offers.

After our 3-month coaching journey, I feel greater trust in myself and my own judgement; plus deeper conviction of what I am offering and how it will benefit others. I no longer feel like I am flapping around, being ‘busy’ but not actually getting anywhere.

Artemiss brings together a unique blend of intuition and practicality, idealism and compassion, life experience and business strategies. She is very adaptive and personalised the topics to meet my specific needs and experiences, rather than churn me through a pre-set system.

Carly Lownds ~ The Healthy Kids Kitchen, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner