Coming from a successful corporate background and knowledge of how business works, I still struggled with defining my new path: bringing it together into a container, gaining clarity around how to present all the pieces, and looking at ways to reach the right people with the various services I can offer.

Working with Artemiss allowed me to see more clearly the link between my personal journey and values and the aspects of myself which I want to offer the world through my business. Because of this, many of the things that I feel I already knew on some level have now been solidified into usable knowledge which I can start to act on.

She helped me to recognise the beauty and opportunity that comes with focusing and choice and not get stuck in the fear of constriction. Our sessions were uplifting, affirming and empowering.

There’s a freedom that comes through in the way Artemiss holds space and does this work. Something she brings to the liminal space that with her realness, ability to perceive and reflect beyond what’s presented and her divine big heart allows things to expand, opening the path for the work to actually happen.

I loved our time together. What an absolute gift to have you guide me on this journey, Artemiss. Thank you dear amazing woman and all the blessings to you and your work.

Lisa Leah Binah ~ Shamanic Bodyworker, Ceremonialist, Transpersonal Guide, Space Holder