I had the good fortune of connecting with Artemiss at a time when I was evaluating a major shift in my business activities. I was looking for a coach that was aligned with my values, was action based and did not pontificate.

Having been involved in business for a long time, I assess my dealings based on three key criteria to ensure sustainability: Integrity, Consistency and Competence.

When it comes to Artemiss, what she signs up for she delivers. Her process is simple, robust and tangible; her discipline and focus is outstanding. Her skills and x-factor are worth experiencing and investing in. 

Artemiss has an innate ability to hold one accountable to the goals with a unique blend of grace, softness and an astute ability to ensure maximum output from each session.

Her product is to instigate clarity and her facilitation of this process is masterful.

I am proud to say that this has been one of the single most amazing coaching journeys I have taken in my 30+ year career.

Shahram Mehin ~ Sales Coach, Leadership Trainer, Project Manager