It’s a very vulnerable space to discuss what isn’t working in your business when it is an extension of your heart. If you’re looking for someone who can both hold space for you gently AND see through some of your self-created “story” into what’s holding you back, then an Explore Session with Artemiss is just what you need.

It was like having a discussion with an intuitive, experienced, no-nonsense friend who will call you on your BS, but also offer a soft heart and a lot of understanding. Plus she has great observational skills, fantastic intuition, and the business-savvy to bring a balance that can be missing in sessions from either a spiritual mentor or a business-only one.

This session was valuable for me and helped me get clarity to make some decisions I had been waffling on. Thanks Artemiss!

Tanya Kucey ~ Energetic Healer, Artisan, Intuitive