I recently attended a series of business workshops with Artemiss. I was first attracted to the sessions as they offered something different from much of the business coaching available today. I have worked as an independent consultant for 24 years and am always looking to improve the way I work and be exposed to new ideas.

Artemiss’ sessions were eye opening, refreshing and highly engaging as they offered a different way to approach typical business topics such as customer service, branding and marketing. She delivered her material with passion, showed empathy and the most amazing active listening.

What I loved most about working with Artemiss was how she helped me become clear on my personal values and purpose which, as a driving factor, brings greater confidence in how I approach my business.

Artemiss’ holistic approach is very valuable to anyone feeling overwhelmed in a new business or looking to revamp their existing business. Thank you Artemiss!

Tina Calabria ~ Customer Experience Consultant, Design Thinker, Facilitator/Trainer