In their own words…

I admire the courage of my clients and their willingness to show up for themselves and do the work to connect to their inner-wisdom.  

I’m honoured to have served them and humbled by their feedback.

I highly recommend Artemiss, she is professional, compassionate, patient and insightful.

In the sessions I had with Artemiss, I gained the clarity I needed to move forward with some personal goals I had been stuck on for some time. With her guidance, intuition and reflection exercises I experienced a significant energy shift around the blocks I was holding onto.

Rebecca Swanson ~ Life and Business Coaching

As a coach, I fully believe you can’t take anyone else deeper than you have gone yourself.

Artemiss’ A Certain Woman program challenged me in the most profound way, using unique processes through which I was able to peel back layers I didn’t even know existed.

Artemiss created the most beautiful, safe space to deep dive into my soul and emerge with so much more compassion and self-love. I have come to embrace parts of myself I felt were ‘weaknesses’ but now recognise them as my superpower, giving me more conviction in my authentic self.

ACW has given me the confidence to hold a stronger and more nurturing space for my clients… and for myself.

Lenore Pearson ~ Transformative Coach & Award-Winning Author

The 30-minute discovery call with Artemiss was so powerful, I committed to a full 8-session programme!

I was hoping to dig deeper into the ‘real me’ and uncover my deepest and most authentic self, as I felt that if I could understand this, then my coaching would be so much more powerful as a personal experience.

As a coach, I have always felt the need to be authentic (one of my values) and it’s incredibly important for me to have the skills to help my clients push past blocks and move towards their goals. So, when I was given an opportunity to be coached by such an extraordinary coach, I jumped at the chance. I have learned so much more about myself.

My journey has benefitted me in so many ways. Artemiss has helped me improve my skills, my thinking, my emotional energy and, not least, my passion and drive to serve others. She has truly helped me show up for my clients, more powerfully.

If you’re lucky enough to get a chance to work with Artemiss, do it! You will benefit exponentially.

Tafazal Mohammed ~ Confidence & Mindset Coach

I connected with Artemiss after hearing her present at a networking event – which was the first time I had heard a business coach talk about heart-connection.

I was at the point of making a big decision and our session helped me get honest about what I really wanted – it spoke to my truth rather than the part of me that was trying to people-please. I got a lot of clarity, leaving me feeling free and expanded.

Artemiss energetically provides a place of healing and transformation; she helps people feel seen and heard. Her greatest gift is giving people a sense of themselves.

Michele Ann Gray ~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

A couple of different types of sessions (1:1 and group) with the warm, wise, unconventional and insightful Artemiss, have helped with my business clarity and planning the steps to achieve my goals.

I found her to be genuine and a very smart lady with great communication skills, including being a fantastic listener and providing insights specific to me.

In a group setting she guided us to dig deep, connect with our existing strengths and get out of our own way.

She may challenge your thinking but she does so in a way that is masterful and non-threatening.

Tania Gutierrez ~ Freelance Mental Health First Aid Educator

I cannot begin to tell you how quickly Artemiss got to the root of what I had been struggling with for weeks.

As someone who is normally quite self-aware, I was a bit thrown that I couldn’t get to the bottom of what was going on inside me.

In record time Artemiss nailed it on the head, and gave me insights into other things too which offered me a whole new clarity on myself and my path ahead.

I resonate DEEPLY with her approach which is direct, loving and mind-blowingly accurate.

This beautiful lady is absolutely magical and I HIGHLY recommend working with her!

Odette Quenstedt

I recently completed ArtemissK’s Centring program and it has allowed me to create a simplified system when taking on work and staying focussed, while sticking to my core. It allows me to check in to see if the work is in line with my mission, values and business goals. This awareness allows for smarter decisions to be made.

Thank you Artemiss for your fabulous workshop and allowing me to put more heart – and more of myself – into my business.

Michelle Walker Katz ~ Katz Recruitment, Sales & Customer Experience Trainer, Community Connector

Today I attended my first Spiral to Self Circle. It was so much of what I needed right now – thank you! 

Artemiss came from a gorgeous space of service; she led the session eloquently and confidently and with such love and kindness.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and can sometimes feel self-conscious delving into my inner and outer self in front of others. I was truly surprised how immediately comfortable I felt and was genuinely so blessed and touched by everyone else who attended… what BEAUTIFUL people. 

I am entering the weekend with a renewed sense of self and purpose.

Deborah Ricketts ~ Versatile VA, Mother, Community Builder

Going through the Clarity Program (focusing on the Centring module topics) helped me get clear on my values, giving me great insight into my own character and how these should be the foundation which I build my business on.

Defining my personal purpose allowed me to hone my business idea further – whereas previously I had a broad concept, after doing this work everything started to take shape in my mind.

I also realised I had a pretty strong vision without knowing it, and gained a healthier outlook towards money matters and business finances – encouraging me to stop acting small.

I know now that I have everything I need to move forward with my business and have an extremely positive outlook for the journey ahead.

Artemiss has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and I found the experience enjoyable and insightful – very very worthwhile.

Chris Holloway ~ Shuren Pasu Founder, Youth Mentor and Conflict Resolution Instructor

It’s a very vulnerable space to discuss what isn’t working in your business when it is an extension of your heart. If you’re looking for someone who can both hold space for you gently AND see through some of your self-created “story” into what’s holding you back, then an Explore Session with Artemiss is just what you need.

It was like having a discussion with an intuitive, experienced, no-nonsense friend who will call you on your BS, but also offer a soft heart and a lot of understanding. Plus she has great observational skills, fantastic intuition, and the business-savvy to bring a balance that can be missing in sessions from either a spiritual mentor or a business-only one.

This session was valuable for me and helped me get clarity to make some decisions I had been waffling on. Thanks, Artemiss!

 Tanya Kucey ~ Energetic Healer, Artisan, Intuitive

I recently attended a series of business workshops with Artemiss. I was first attracted to the sessions as they offered something different from much of the business coaching available today. I have worked as an independent consultant for 24 years and am always looking to improve the way I work and be exposed to new ideas.

Artemiss’ sessions were eye-opening, refreshing, and highly engaging as they offered a different way to approach typical business topics such as customer service, branding and marketing. She delivered her material with passion, showed empathy and the most amazing active listening.

What I loved most about working with Artemiss was how she helped me become clear on my personal values and purpose which, as a driving factor, brings greater confidence in how I approach my business.

Artemiss’ holistic approach is very valuable to anyone feeling overwhelmed in a new business or looking to revamp their existing one.

Tina Calabria ~ Customer Experience Consultant, Design Thinker, Facilitator/Trainer

Despite many years’ experience in sales, customer service, running two other businesses, and a decade of active personal development, I felt ill-equipped in establishing my new initiative as a health coach.

I was missing confidence in myself and clarity in my marketing message, as well as practical steps of what to do in launching my new business. All of this, plus juggling three children and an existing family business, left me overwhelmed and feeling like I never had enough time.

Artemiss created a safe space, then asked questions (deep questions!) to really get to know me and help me understand myself. Clearing out blocks and improving my mindset – basically getting out of my own way – has been phenomenal! I am so glad there’s a business coach out there who ventures further than the ‘usual’ surface-level business topics.

Having a clearer head helped me with goal setting and focusing on what was important. All of this fed straight into us collaboratively creating practical guidelines for my content creation, customer service protocols, branding and copywriting, marketing and creating offers.

After our 3-month coaching journey, I feel greater trust in myself and my own judgement; plus deeper conviction of what I am offering and how it will benefit others. I no longer feel like I am flapping around, being ‘busy’ but not actually getting anywhere.

Artemiss brings together a unique blend of intuition and practicality, idealism and compassion, life experience and business strategies. She is very adaptive and personalised the topics to meet my specific needs and experiences, rather than churn me through a pre-set system.

Carly Lownds ~ The Healthy Kids Kitchen, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

As a business coach, Artemiss is supportive, light-hearted and knowledgeable.

Working with Artemiss allowed me to be my unique self, fostered my way of thinking, and gave me opportunities to look at my beliefs in a new light.

She also offered a no-nonsense approach to marketing that was tailored to my individual strengths and needs.

Sara Hocking ~ Intuitive/Spiritual Mentor

Thank you Artemiss for guiding me in such a gentle, positive and intuitive way. My energy has shifted monumentally.

I now have a greater understanding and acceptance of my past and am “kinder” to myself without the overwhelming need to exert absolute control over everything in my life

I have learned to find joy in the present and look forward to my future pathway (whatever that may be) with renewed energy and vitality.

BB ~ Business Owner

My challenge, before coming to see Artemiss, was that I didn’t really know who I was. After being made redundant from a corporate role, the company offered me outplacement services but I asked for a coach instead.

I interviewed a couple of coaches to make sure I was working with the right one for my transition from corporate into running my own business. What I was looking for was someone aligned to guide me in finding ME and holding me accountable. All I’d known until then was being a paid employee and now I was going out into the big wide world.

Each one of our sessions had purpose in finding me, the me that was locked away. After completing the tasks, I felt liberated. I became more centred in myself and understood my emotions. We worked on developing my intuition and how to harness my skills to develop my future path.

I gained confidence in having the right mindset and skills for both personal and business. I felt supported all the way, as Artemiss just got who I was, and I thrived. The impact on my life has been profound and I can’t thank Artemiss enough for guiding me on my journey.

Robyn Alexandrov ~ Self-empowerment Coach & Master Energy Healer, Vivid You Wellness

I had an Explore Session with Artemiss about getting some clarity on a particular challenge that I had and her insight was amazing.

I particularly loved the summary she sent me after our session which further clarified our conversation, confronted my actions and gave me a reference point that I’ve added to my self awareness doc.

I’m going to continue talking to Artemiss and I highly recommend you talk to her.

Eyob Yesus ~ Business Coaching Events, Growth Gen

During my session with Artemiss I felt very comfortable with opening up to her.

She helped me realise how much I was in my head, rather than being more intuitive and listening to my heart-space.

We talked about things I haven’t been able to talk about with anyone else before. Not on that spiritual level anyway. She helped me explore things I didn’t even know were there or needed to come out…

If you’re looking for intuitive/spiritual business coaching, then I highly recommend Artemiss’ heart-based approach!

Leanne Shelton ~ Marketing Trainer & Copywriter, Write Time Marketing

What I needed to focus on was very unclear for me, with so much going on and I didn’t know where to start. Artemiss really honed in on what was important and hit it straight on the head.

Our session was a good way for me to let everything out (of my head) – things I spoke about that I wasn’t initially even aware of. She listened to what was going on and gave them a direction without any judgment… making a do-able plan with small steps which didn’t feel out of reach or too big. It was very worthwhile.

Samantha Gaul ~ YogaWithSam, Youth Yoga Educator, Mindfulness Instructor

I completed Artemiss’s Centring Group Program, which brought up many questions that I had put off answering. She helped me gain clarity in knowing where I am in my business and where I need to be – I now feel like I have a plan and a strategy.

Artemiss has a confident yet gentle approach to supporting her clients. She guides you by asking questions that allow you to reflect on how everything fits into the big picture of life and business.

I am so excited to recommend Artemiss as a brilliant coach who will support you to get your business on track.

Larissa Wright ~ The Wholistic Wellness Hub, Low-Tox Educator, Networking Trainer

I recently completed a goal setting workshop with Artemiss. It was not only like spending time with an old friend but also deeply revealing.

I walked in thinking I knew exactly what my goals for the next 6 months were only to discover, with Artemiss gently guiding me, that my true goals were far removed from what I originally thought.

I walked away with a fantastic feeling of clarity and calm. I highly recommend a session with Artemiss. She is a highly intuitive and wise soul.

Corinne Amendolia ~ Keystone Writing Solutions, Wordsmith

Having worked with Artemiss one-on-one through her Explore Sessions as well as listening to her present at various events, I can say with confidence that she is a coach that not only talks the talk but truly walks the walk.

Artemiss has a unique ability to combine her astute business knowledge with worldly wisdom and intuition to instil clarity and confidence through her sessions, at the same time providing actionable steps and advice to achieve your goals.

By connecting and relating to my unique situation, she helped me to find peace within the challenges of small business, and the information and suggestions she gave me have been an absolute blessing in helping me grow both as a business and a person.

I highly recommend ArtemissK if you are looking to take the next step in your business by finding yourself within your work, she is a true gem.

Jonaye Ferreira: We Bloom, Entrepreneur, Space Beautifier

Coming from a successful corporate background and knowledge of how business works, I still struggled with defining my new path: bringing it together into a container, gaining clarity around how to present all the pieces, and looking at ways to reach the right people with the various services I can offer.

Working with Artemiss allowed me to see more clearly the link between my personal journey and values and the aspects of myself which I want to offer the world through my business. Because of this, many of the things that I feel I already knew on some level have now been solidified into usable knowledge which I can start to act on. She helped me to recognise the beauty and opportunity that comes with focusing and choice and not get stuck in the fear of constriction. Our sessions were uplifting, affirming and empowering.

There’s a freedom that comes through in the way Artemiss holds space and does this work. Something she brings to the liminal space that with her realness, ability to perceive and reflect beyond what’s presented, and her divine big heart allows things to expand – opening the path for the work to actually happen. I loved our time together. What an absolute gift to have you guide me on this journey, Artemiss.

Lisa Leah Binah ~ Shamanic Bodyworker, Ceremonialist, Transpersonal Guide, Space Holder

I had the good fortune of connecting with Artemiss at a time when I was evaluating a major shift in my business activities. I was looking for a coach that was aligned with my values, was action based and did not pontificate.

Having been involved in business for a long time, I assess my dealings based on three key criteria to ensure sustainability: Integrity, Consistency and Competence.

When it comes to Artemiss, what she signs up for she delivers. Her process is simple, robust, and tangible; her discipline and focus are outstanding. Her skills and x-factor are worth experiencing and investing in.

Artemiss has an innate ability to hold one accountable to the goals with a unique blend of grace, softness, and an astute ability to ensure maximum output from each session.

Her product is to instigate clarity and her facilitation of this process is masterful.

I am proud to say that this has been one of the single most amazing coaching journeys I have taken in my 30+ year career.

Shahram Mehin ~ Sales Coach, Leadership Trainer, Project Manager

Entering the Explore Session, I had several very different questions I wanted guidance on. Artemiss spent time really getting to what the root of my concerns were – to find the through-line – then took me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and questioning to find the answer within me.

Artemiss offered intuitive guidance and a welcoming safe space to connect. I finished my session equipped with useful insights to my key question and what I could create in my life to answer it.

Anyone with a burning question, or who wants to know what is stopping them from connecting deeply with who they truly are and living from that space, would benefit from an Explore Session with Artemiss.

Terri Glover ~ Chiropractor, Sacro-Occipital Technic & NET Practitioner

Artemiss did a reading for me (as part of our Explore Session) in an area of my life that I have been struggling with for a few years: I have applied for many jobs and haven’t gotten anywhere.

I was crying at how spot on her words were and how all the angst just cleared, when she identified what was really holding me back.

The suggestions she gave me were so simple, yet she has given me action I can take that will make a difference going forward. I’m really excited about what is to come.

Samantha Ishizuka ~ Facility Manager

I liked doing the personal/life coaching alongside business/strategy coaching – although I didn’t think it was possible before Artemiss’s sessions.

I see it as personal and business parity giving clarity and expansion of who you are on a home and work level. That old sum of the parts being bigger than the parts themselves. If you are yourself in both spheres life is simpler and more fluid, with less tension and stress.

Angela Cice ~ Chiropractor, Business Owner

I loved the Explore Session – a strategy session for my life using whole-brain thinking!

I found the wisdom coming from inside me to be profound, and Artemiss facilitated that through patience and great listening, persistently working at an issue until there was clarity.

Afterwards, I felt clear and confident. I’m excited to be working at this level and am trying on, for the first time, knowing my vision and purpose. I’m surprised how calm I feel – there’s an inevitability about it that is reassuring.

Brenda Rogers ~ Quintessence Women’s Health, Health Trainer & Life Coach

Artemiss’s Branding & Marketing Workshop inspired me to implement tools into my business to bring in new clients, stimulate new systems, and improve relationships with my patients.

She offers a wealth of business and marketing knowledge which can help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

Genevieve Mlotkowski ~ GetWellWithGen, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist