I admire the courage of my clients, willing to show up for themselves and do the personal work required to grow a resilient and authentic business. I’m honoured to have served them and am humbled by their feedback.

Artemiss has an innate ability to hold one accountable to the goals with a unique blend of grace, softness and an astute ability to ensure maximum output from each session.

Her product is to instigate clarity and her facilitation of this process is masterful.


Shahram Mehin ~ Sales Coach, Leadership Trainer, Project Manager

I feel greater trust in myself and my own judgement; plus deeper conviction of what I am offering and how it will benefit others. I no longer feel like I am flapping around, being ‘busy’ but not actually getting anywhere.


Carly Lownds ~ The Healthy Kids Kitchen, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

She has great observational skills, fantastic intuition, and the business-savvy to bring a balance that can be missing in sessions from either a spiritual mentor or a business-only one.


Tanya Kucey ~ Energetic Healer, Artisan, Intuitive

Artemiss’s Branding & Marketing Workshop inspired me to implement tools into my business to bring in new clients, stimulate new systems, and improve relationships with my patients.

She offers a wealth of business and marketing knowledge which can help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

Genevieve Mlotkowski ~ Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

As a business coach, Artemiss is supportive, light-hearted and knowledgeable. Working with her allowed me to be my unique self, fostered my way of thinking, and gave me opportunities to look at my beliefs in a new light.

She also offered a no-nonsense approach to marketing that was tailored to my individual strengths and needs.

Sara Hocking ~ Intuitive/Spiritual Mentor

Having worked with Artemiss one-on-one through her Explore Sessions as well as listening to her present at various events, I can say with confidence that she is a coach that not only talks the talk but truly walks the walk. 

Artemiss has a unique ability to combine her astute business knowledge with worldly wisdom and intuition to instil clarity and confidence through her sessions, at the same time providing actionable steps and advice to achieve your goals.

By connecting and relating to my unique situation, she helped me to find peace within the challenges of small business, and the information and suggestions she gave me have been an absolute blessing in helping me grow both as a business and a person. 

I highly recommend ArtemissK if you are looking to take the next step in your business by finding yourself within your work, she is a true gem.

Jonaye Ferreira ~ We Bloom, Entrepreneur, Space Beautifier

Artemiss’ sessions were eye opening, refreshing and highly engaging as they offered a different way to approach typical business topics such as customer service, branding and marketing. She delivered her material with passion, showed empathy, and the most amazing active listening.


Tina Calabria ~ Customer Experience Consultant, Design Thinker, Facilitator/Trainer

Many of the things that I feel I already knew on some level have now been solidified into usable knowledge … She helped me to recognise the beauty and opportunity that comes with focusing and choice and not get stuck in the fear of constriction.


Lisa Leah Binah ~ Shamanic Bodyworker, Ceremonialist, Transpersonal Guide, Space Holder

I know now that I have everything I need to move forward with my business and have an extremely positive outlook for the journey ahead.


Chris Holloway ~ Shuren Pasu Founder, Youth Mentor, Conflict Resolution Instructor

I liked doing the personal/life coaching alongside business/strategy coaching – although I didn’t think it was possible before Artemiss’s sessions. 

I see it as personal and business parity giving clarity and expansion of who you are on a home and work level. That old sum of the parts being bigger than the parts themselves. If you are yourself in both spheres life is simpler and more fluid, with less tension and stress.

Angela Cice ~ Chiropractor, Business Owner

I had an ‘Explore Session’ with Artemiss yesterday. I was feeling totally overwhelmed with where to start with my new business while also juggling part-time teaching and running the household.

After our session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. She gave me a clear direction and cut my overwhelming mountain down to main priorities.

Thank you so much for making me feel relaxed and comfortable to share during our session.

Samantha Gaul ~ YogaWithSam, Youth Yoga Educator, Mindfulness Instructor

I recently completed a goal setting session with Artemiss. It was not only like spending time with an old friend but also deeply revealing. I walked in thinking I knew exactly what my goals for the next 6 months were, only to discover, with Artemiss gently guiding me, that my goals were far removed from what I originally thought. I walked away with a fantastic feeling of clarity and calm. I highly recommend a session with Artemiss. She is a highly intuitive and wise soul.

Corinne Amendolia ~ Keystone Writing Solutions, Wordsmith

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