Editing & Layout

Editing / Proofreading

Respecting a writer’s unique voice, my line-editing focuses on supporting you as the authentic storyteller.

Ensuring logical flow of text, appropriate word usage, consciously crafted tone, and consistency in grammar and punctuation means your story will be shared in the most powerful way possible.

I have 20+ years of editing/proofreading experience, including: a friend’s self-published autobiography book; student assignments for a Psychology Masters program; articles for networking magazines and parenting newsletters; as well as my own numerous blogs.


Layout / Formatting

I believe that form and function must always serve each other equally.

This means than an item must actively draw the viewer in and elicit the desired emotional response – as well as offer logical flow of information and precise content to ensure maximum comprehension.

I have 30+ years of layout/formatting experience, including: Australian Breastfeeding Association flagship book and informational booklets; corporate magazines and newsletters; promotional flyers and brochures; as well as my own website.