Whole of Life

These are some of the topics we can delve into during our 1:1 Personal Clarity Program or 1:1 Personal Explore Session.

Our focus is always on you being connected to your inner-wisdom and working in alignment with your personal strengths and values.

As such, we approach each topic first through mindset and self-awareness, and then the practical components to be applied to your life.

Whole of Life topics include:

Lack of self-loving boundaries:

  • saying ‘yes’ too often because you’re a people-pleaser
  • being the peace-keeper and taking blame when it’s not yours
  • swooping in to save people who don’t want to be saved
  • feeling powerless because you can’t control circumstances

Overwhelm and over-busyness:

  • your endless ‘to do’ list
  • there is never enough time for you
  • no life/work balance to speak of
  • feeling guilty much of the time

Procrastination and stop-start-stop pattern:

  • knowing you ‘should’ be able to do it but can’t/won’t
  • lacking self-belief and/or self-sabotaging
  • you’re far too familiar with the imposter syndrome
  • not knowing what your next step is

Confusion and lack of personal discernment:

  • struggling with making a decision
  • easily distracted by the next shiny thing
  • your attention is scattered
  • doing course after course but not applying the info

Misaligned goals:

  • not achieving the goals you set and re-set
  • achieving a goal but feeling dissatisfied after
  • getting ‘results’ but losing yourself in the process
  • not knowing what an authentic goal is for you

Disconnected from your inner-wisdom:

  • not trusting your intuition
  • giving your power away
  • looking for someone to save you
  • not asking for support