The Groundbreaker foundational module is the starting point for your journey with me.

On completion of this, you may choose any of the Growth modules which suit your specific needs.

Groundbreaker ~ foundational module

Groundbreaker is the foundation for all of the work I do because it connects you to your inner-wisdom, brings greater awareness to your beliefs and patterns, and clarifies the core elements around which aligned strategies are developed for your business.

Groundbreaker covers:

  • Mindset & Discernment ~ understanding your limitations around money, decision making, personal potential etc
  • Personal Values ~ identifying your core characteristics and how they show up in business
  • Personal Purpose ~ clarifying your impassioned WHY and what it means to you
  • Business Vision ~ crafting your values and purpose into the ideal of your business
  • Business Mission ~ defining HOW your business delivers your Vision, as a tool for decision-making
  • Business Path ~ refining WHAT your business offers, based on your personal values and strengths

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Growth path: Connecting
  • Niching ~ defining your market without limiting yourself
  • Ideal Client ~ identifying and understanding her needs and wants
  • Customer Journey/Service ~ building a framework for outstanding service
  • Case Studies/Surveys ~ creating opportunities for deeper insight
  • Testimonials ~ crafting feedback for use in authentic marketing

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Growth path: Branding
  • Branding ~ understanding how to create, manage and use it to your advantage
  • Brand Audit ~ assessing how you are perceived now and if/what needs to be tweaked
  • Brand Guardian ~ defining your brand energy and brand voice for authenticity
  • Brand Guidelines ~ creating guidelines for brand consistency
  • Design Journey ~ understanding how to brief a designer and assess its success

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Growth path: Serving
  • Origin Story ~ mapping your journey to create a powerful About Me / Bio
  • Content Ideas ~ exploring and planning topics to educate and inspire your clients
  • Marketing with Heart ~ identifying aligned strategies and how to use them
  • Money Matters ~ creating empowered pricing strategies
  • Creating Offers ~ planning your marketing sales funnel

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Growth path: Goal Setting
  • Defining Success ~ clarifying what success means to you personally and in your business
  • Prioritising Your Priorities ~ getting focussed on the important things
  • Planning ~ working the process specifically to your strengths and needs
  • Task Master ~ breaking big goals into smaller steps and creating a flow
  • Super Goals ~ using intention and awareness as proactive tools

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your first service experience with me is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. So there is NO RISK to you in taking the next step on your journey to clarity.

Please see #11 in my Client Agreement for the T&Cs.
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