My approach to coaching…

Clients gain the most benefit when they work with a coach whom they feel safe enough to be vulnerable with, and inspired enough to explore different ideas through.

To help you decide if I am the right coach for you, here is some important information about what I do, who I serve, and some of the challenges I support my clients with.

What I do…

I AM… a Clarity Coach who works and plays in the intersection of intuition, personal development, and common-sense strategy… for Business Alignment and Whole of Life topics.

I AM… an Anti-dogma Advocate, Empowerment Supporter, Ripple Maker, Paradigm Shifter and Inner-guru Catalyst.

I believe you already have much of the wisdom you seek inside of you.

My role is to support you in shedding the layers of conditioning and outdated beliefs which are stopping you from connecting to your inner-truth and becoming your most empowered self.


How I do it…

I don’t play the “shame, blame, obligation game” or hustle you into someone else’s idea of what you “should” do.

But I do honour you as the expert in your life/business, so will guide and empower you to create what is authentic for you.

I don’t bypass or placate your emotions and keep you stuck in your stories.

But I do compassionately witness, reflectively listen, and lovingly bring your awareness to the patterns which no longer serve you… so you can release or transform them.


Who I serve…

If you:

  • Value personal development and self-awareness as vital to a successful life/business
  • Are willing to face the idea that you are part of your problem AND also very much part of your solution
  • Are now looking for a coach to support and guide you in connecting to your inner-wisdom to gain more clarity and ease in your life/business

… then I believe we can go on an amazing journey together.