We do NOT have to suffer… before earning the right to happiness.
Or to be deserving of abundance or worthy of enlightenment.

If any ‘guru’ or belief-system tries to convince you otherwise, please embrace your self-loving boundaries and run the other way – fast!

Because suffering is no longer a prerequisite for evolving as a spiritual being or embracing personal joy. We muststop glorifying drama and trauma as the only path to Love.

Most of us experience challenging situations that test us – sometimes a little and sometimes to the point of breaking – and these most certainly affect the person we become. For those who embrace and transform their pain, they do indeed offer a perspective and connection that can sooth, empower and heal others.

But to claim that this strength and wisdom can ONLY come from those who have suffered sets up a very limiting space from which we can exist in the world or serve others: How do I know if I have suffered enough? What is the barometer and who am I comparing my pain against to see if I’m worthy yet?

This belief system also ignores other sources of wisdom:

  • what we have suffered and learned from previous lives
  • divine guidance and learning from sources other than our own physical experience
  • our ability to empathise and learn from others without having to suffer through the same ourselves.

I used to believe in absolute duality, that we cannot know cold without hot, up without down, happiness without sadness… but I know now that it doesn’t have to be that way. These beliefs – so ingrained in many of our cultures, religions, spirituality – once served a purpose of creating contrast as a way for us to understand certain energetic concepts, especially at a time when humanity felt itself separate from Source/God and undeserving of Love.

But that time has passed; we have found our Divinity-Within and know there is an alternative for those who want to take a path of greater peace and ease, because we already ARE Love.

So, if we stand in the possibility that we no longer *have to* suffer in order to deserve, how different would life look?

  • What happiness would we call forth right now?
  • What abundance would we readily allow into our lives?
  • What enlightenment is ours to claim, just because?


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2020
Photo: Artemiss Keyhani

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