“Your entrepreneurial journey isn’t meant to be simple or straight forward. It’s meant to be amazing.”

Roger J Hamilton ~ Author, Entrepreneur

Q: How do you work with clients?

A: I run group programs, offer self-study courses, and also work 1:1. Additionally, I collaborate with teams, run seminars and workshops.

I’m always open to exploring new opportunities so if you have something in mind please contact me art@artemissk.com.

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Q: Can you guarantee my results?

A: Since I don’t have absolute-power to make you do my bidding, no, I can’t guarantee your results because they are completely dependent on your decisions and actions.

While this can be confronting because it means there is no one responsible for your success but you, it can also be incredibly liberating because it means there is no one responsible for your success but you.

However, I do guarantee ME – please see below.

Q: What if I disagree with your ideas or process?

A: Reading through my website and blog articles will give you a feel for who I am and how I work.

I also invite you to book in for a free chat with me – because how well we resonate is an important factor for both of us.

Ultimately, although I don’t guarantee your results (see question above) I do guarantee ME – what I offer and how I show up for you. This is why I offer a money-back guarantee on your first service experience with me… be it 1:1 coaching, group work, workshop etc.

If you’re not happy for any reason, just let me know within 24-hours of completing your first session and I will refund you in full. (Please see #11 in my Client Agreement for the T&Cs.)

Q: Do you have a successful million-dollar business? If not, how can you coach others?

A: No, I don’t have a million-dollar business and I don’t feel that would necessarily be a true measure of ‘success’ in business – mine or anyone else’s.

What I do have is a myriad of experiences and skills which can be of service to others.

My ideal clients are looking for a collaborative guide to support them in creating clarity as they transform their beliefs and ideas to support their personal definition of success – not a guru with a formula to copy.

Entrepreneurs who are drawn to working with me are those who trust themselves to use my processes, gain what they need from them, and surpass my skills and success.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your first service experience with me is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. So there is NO RISK to you in taking the next step on your journey to clarity.

Please see #11 in my Client Agreement for the T&Cs.