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Laughter, truth, warmth & insight. The Spiral to Self Circles have become my self-care smorgasbord. Thank you to Artemiss for sharing your wisdom and to all the beautiful souls I have met along the way!

Allison Mark ~ Songbird, Mother

Spiral to Self are monthly in-person circles held in Sydney Northwest, where we explore different ideas for bringing awareness to all parts of our lives.

Approaching ourselves with curiosity and compassion, we use personal and intuitive development as a path to self-empowerment.


When we’re confident in who we are, we bring deep courage to creating the business and life of our dreams.

When we take responsibility for our thoughts and habits, we are powerful in manifesting grace, joy and abundance.

When we’re centred in our hearts, we have healthier boundaries and love more authentically; leading to greater ease in our relationships and parenting journey.



$30 EFT
Please message me for payment details and address.

NOTE: payments are non-refundable (unless event is cancelled by me), however you are welcome to have someone else attend in your place, or you can defer your attendance to the following session.

About me

  • I am spiritual and pragmatic: I believe in honouring the wisdom of my soul while enjoying this physical life to the utmost.
  • I have spent the last 25+ years immersed in personal development & spiritual growth (participating & initiating, learning & teaching), but I am NOT a counsellor and this is NOT therapy.

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