The flow of business (and how to stop the leaks)

The flow of business (and how to stop the leaks)


I’m Artemiss from

And I’d like to share with you my metaphor for the tap, hose and bucket – representing how we play out in our business: what we put into it, how we deliver our services, and the end results we create.

If the tap is us – who we are and why we do business – this is where the vision, belief and knowledge comes from.

Some of the things which can break our tap, and so restrict our flow and effort, can be:

Not having a strong sense of discernment, so that instead of making decisions with confidence, we diminish our potential, we give away our power, and we let others direct our choices – or we just avoid taking full responsibility and learning from it.

We may also have limiting beliefs around money, our worthiness, our good-enoughness, so that we sabotage our own efforts and we keep playing small.

If we’ve never taken the time to truly articulate our personal values and purpose, we may not understand how we can direct them straight into our business, and can create a business that’s aligned with who we are and how we want to live in the world.

The hose is how we do business and who we serve.

Some of the issues which can poke holes in our hose, and reduce the effectiveness of what we do, can be:

Focusing on too many things, having lots of ideas and not knowing the throughline to follow, or chasing the next shiny item, so that we’re too spread out to be effective in anything and wasting a lot of time and energy.

We may also be trying to be everything to everyone instead of having a really clear idea of who our ideal clients are, so that we are speaking so generically and blandly that no one realises we’re actually talking to them.

Also, not being clear on what we actually offer so that we can educate, empower, and inspire our clients to thrive rather than just feeling we’re selling snake-oil to make a buck.

The bucket is the accumulative result of what we do in our business.

Some of the things which poke holes in our bucket, which means no matter how much effort we put in it’s never going to be enough, can be:

Our attitude around treating people as transactional and disposable, which means we’re constantly burning through prospects and alienating ideal clients – and more importantly, losing our humanity along the way.

Or if we’re using fear-based or other unethical tactics in sales and marketing, then not only does it feel not good for us, but it will also create distrust – and rightly so – because people will start seeing through them.

And very importantly, if we’re working according to someone else’s ideas about how business “should” be done or chasing those “ideal business goals” which are actually not in line with what we want in life, then no amount of success achieved this way will ever make us happy. So, we’re going to feel caught in the hamster wheel which is the quickest way to burn out.

So… what would it look like if everything was working fabulously?

Our tap – which is who we are and why we do business.

We would have confidence in making the best decisions for ourselves, trusting that we can tweak, learn, and grow from there; taking full responsibility for our choices.

We’d have great awareness of our beliefs and patterns, so instead of living in reaction we create from intentional action – and have so much more peace of mind.

And the joy of growing a business that makes us personally proud, because at its core it’s an extension of who we are as a person, is a great motivator.

With our hose – which is how we do business and who we serve:

By having clarity on our priorities and knowing what to focus on, we always know what our next step is, and so our results are amplified and come with much greater ease.

Understanding our ideal clients means we can serve them specifically, we can speak to them directly, and very importantly we can connect to them from our humanity.

Commitment to creating an ethically-profitable business while ALSO making a positive difference in the world – because those two are not mutually exclusive – means that we are more inspired, we dig deeper, we find ways through, we are much more solution orientated.

And with our bucket – which is the accumulative result of what we do in our business:

We have the knowing that the best path in business is through relationship building and mutual respect, that nurturing our clients and collaborating with those in our community is how we create sustainable growth.

By using ethical sales and marketing, we’re transparent and authentic in what we offer and the results we promise, so it just feels good!

Creating our own unique framework for business, so we’re setting authentic goals and working in a way that feels aligned with who we are and what we want in our life, makes all of the challenges and growth on the entrepreneurial journey truly worthwhile.

So, if this sounds like an approach to business that works for you, that excites you, that makes you see the possibilities that are there, then I invite you to connect with me for a 30-minute Let’s Talk discovery session.

And during this time we will get to know each other, I’ll give you a real experience of how I serve my clients – because there’s lots of different types of business coaches and we all work differently, so it’s really important that you find someone that you resonate with.

And in this time we will discuss your goals and challenges, explore some practical ideas for your next step, and in that we’ll define how I can support you in achieving your goals on your journey.

This is Artemiss from and I wish you sustainable joyous growth in your business with much grace and ease.

Thank you.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2020

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