25 ideas for self-care & asking for support (self-care pt 2)

25 ideas for self-care & asking for support (self-care pt 2)


There are many ways you can genuinely self-care – from free options to paid services, some which can be done in 15 minutes and others which require an ongoing commitment.

Here are 25 ideas to get you started…

  1. Ask for what you need and be ok with the response
  2. Attend a spiritual circle and be supported by like-minded people
  3. Book that appointment you have been delaying and make sure you keep it
  4. Commit to gaining the support you need for an ongoing challenge
  5. Connect to your Higher Self and feel energised
  6. Consciously and slowly enjoy your favourite meal
  7. Curl up on your couch and have a nana-map with no guilt
  8. Dance to your favourite music and dare to take up space
  9. Delegate a task to someone then detach from the outcome
  10. Do a Tai Chi or Yoga class and flow with your body
  11. Do an intuitive reading for yourself and remember how amazing you are
  12. Express yourself through art and lose yourself in the process
  13. Get honest about what you’ve been tolerating for too long and make a plan to change it
  14. Have a heartfelt chat with a good friend and really allow them to SEE you
  15. Have a massage and melt into yourself
  16. Journal about anything… and everything
  17. Lay on the grass and connect to Earth and the sacredness of life
  18. Read for fun fun fun and enjoy it for its own sake
  19. Register for a course that inspires you then make sure you attend
  20. Say “no” to someone without any regret
  21. Spend a day unplugged from all of your devices
  22. Swim in the ocean and be cleansed by the energy of the waves
  23. Take a bath with magnesium salt or essential oils and forget about your to-do list
  24. Take a personal development course and see yourself with greater compassion
  25. Write a list of 7 specific things you’re grateful for right now



So many of us over-achievers believe our approach of “I can do everything myself” is a super power, instead of recognising it as our potential kryptonite.

As a big fan of self-sufficiency, I always wanted to do everything on my own. I would research, speak to friends, and implement the ideas myself. I found this was usually beneficial in addressing the top layer of my issue, and I would get some ‘relief’. But, as I finally came to understand too well, the surface is never where the truth lives. So, I would then find myself still stuck in the issue, but with the added shame of having failed (“I should have been able to do this on my own by now”).

What I eventually realised is that by approaching myself with grace (instead of judgment or shame) I can allow myself to do what is possible on my own AND acknowledge where I needed support and let myself receive it.


Getting support

There are many beliefs in our society that actively work against your true sense of equilibrium and wellbeing.

One is the idea that asking for help is a weakness… yet, how often do you help others because you can see that they’re struggling? Can you admit to yourself when you’re struggling? You may be able to fool others – and even yourself some of the time – but how about when you’re lying in bed, depleted and unravelling?

The other is the idea that if you do seek support, then you are broken and need to be ‘fixed’. This suggests a specific start and end point (like when you take your broken phone to the kiosk and then it is as good as new in one-hour) rather that acknowledging that the journey of self-awareness is a never ending one with many ups and downs.

So, let’s acknowledge that there are times in life when you need extra support by professional healthcare and related services. And then give yourself permission to receive this without shame or any sense of personal failure.

And when you do ask for support, stay present to the understanding that allowing others to help you does not absolve your self-responsibility. You still have to show up and do the work for yourself, because you are the only one who can transform your thoughts and beliefs. But you can also allow yourself to lean in to the support and let others be there for you. Because you are made to thrive in community.


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‘Pass the wine’… and other self-care fallacies (self-care pt 1)

‘Pass the wine’… and other self-care fallacies (self-care pt 1)


When exactly did ‘self-care’ come to mean “Friday afternoon wine-o’clock” or buying another “but it was on sale” dress?


What self-care IS NOT…

Two of the biggest mistakes you can make, in terms of your health and wellbeing, is confusing your habit for distractions and coping mechanisms with true self-care.

Distractions are when you use certain ‘fixes’ to temporarily divert your attention, while coping mechanisms are the habits you have developed to feel (falsely) in control.

Both of these come into play when you are avoiding certain feelings which make you uncomfortable or challenged in some way, when you haven’t yet developed a pattern for making healthier choices.


What self-care actually IS…

Self-care – at its very essence – is about caring for yourself as the whole and divine being that you are. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

This means proactively creating a life you don’t have to escape from with foggy-wine thoughts or glitzy-bag gloating. Of course, you can enjoy a glass of wine – and who doesn’t love a bargain buy – but these ‘me time’ activities are NOT the same (or a replacement for) genuine self-care.

As a direct reflection of your self-worth, self-care requires you to prioritise yourself and hold on to your self-loving boundaries even when it feels tough to do so. It requires you to sometimes say ‘no’ to others so you can say ‘yes’ to yourself more often.


Something for you to explore…

Consider these scenarios and pay attention to the conversation in your head…

If you have an ongoing health concern, do you schedule your appointments well in advance with a preventative / maintenance approach OR book them at the last minute when something goes wrong?

If you have scheduled free time for yourself in a few days and then a friend asks you to run some (non-urgent) errands for her at that same time, do you say yes OR no?

If you have your schedule for tomorrow planned at a pace that feels just right for you and then a client calls in a panic again (as she has done many times before), do you defer her to another day OR jostle everything so you can squeeze her in?

Please understand that this is not about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – but an opportunity to notice your inner dialogue and ask yourself if you’re truly happy and at ease with those patterns.

If you recognise that your beliefs aren’t supporting you in living your best life then engaging in personal development and/or counselling can serve you well by allowing you to create a different reality for yourself.


Consequences of running on empty

If you leave your self-care for the rare moments when you aren’t over-committed to others, how can you stay centred and aligned with your values and purpose? How will your cup be filled to overflowing so that you can support others without it costing your health and peace of mind?

If you think “I don’t have time for self-care” then consider what is the COST (time and money, as well as your equilibrium) for when you’re running on empty. Here are some examples.

  • Physical – adrenal burnout, digestive issues, low immunity, sore or tight muscles, poor sleep quality.
  • Mental – foggy thinking, easily distracted, difficulty making decisions, anxiety, constant mind chatter.
  • Emotional – short fuse with kids/partner, not present to client/customer, self-flagellation, resorting to poor habits, blaming others.
  • Spiritual – disconnected from your intuition, doubting your gut-instinct, losing sight of your purpose, not living with your values, energetically drained.

If you can admit and embrace – without having to defend or feel shame about – being truly human and not indestructible, then perhaps you can recognise that making the time to nurture yourself at the core is ESSENTIAL (and not a luxury) for being healthy and whole.


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Truthfully… about me

Truthfully… about me

Following from an amazing photo shoot in the NSW Blue Mountains with Sarah Keen of Truthfully, she sent me some of the most interesting interview questions I have ever experienced… this is my essay in reply.

I am an Intuitive Shadow-Walker, Inner-Journey-Guide, Sacred-Space-Holder. But let’s call it what it is: I am a Sh!t-Shoveler (except I bring the excavator instead).

I work with awesome people who have accepted that they are responsible for the problems in their life AND that they are the beautiful and amazing solutions too.

By uncovering their strengths and values through spiritual growth and personal development, I guide them from sinking in overwhelm, confusion, disillusionment, and frustration to living with confidence, certainty, inspiration, and flow.

I am very privileged that my work allows me to connect with people at their very core. Of course, each person chooses – consciously or unconsciously – how they show up and how much of themselves they want to share with me, but even at the smallest level they have to be willing to be seen beyond their masks, otherwise they would never choose to come to me as a client in the first place. 

I connect with a lot of people around the world through Facebook groups; local entrepreneurs through networking events; and friends whom I collaborate and/or bounce ideas around with online and in real life.

Although I am an introvert, I very much experience myself through relationships, so authentic connections are what fill my joy-love-cup up on a regular basis.

I love love love robust juicy conversations about spirituality and all the things that make humans tick – whether referring to world politics, ethical business, parenting ideals, relationship journeys, or anything else, exploring our inner-world is my playground and work-space!

I used to hold a lot of shame and guilt around my actions and feelings which prevented me from sharing authentically, but on my own healing journey I have embodied deep levels of self-trust and integration around my ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’, my strengths and challenges, my gifts and flaws. So now, whether with clients or friends, I am an open book.

I gratefully share about all aspects of my life, especially the ‘darker’ or more challenging topics (such as depression, self-doubt, lack of worth etc), because I feel it is important to remove the stigma and normalise conversing about these issues which affect far more of us than many may realise.

I find most people open up to me readily and are eager to share. Sometimes I do sense that someone is holding back from uncertainty or feeling vulnerable, so I meet them where they’re at and do what I can to help them feel supported from there.

I feel that people share with me because of my personal energy – amplified by the opportunity through the work I do. Clients have told me that it was after meeting me and feeling that they would be safe being vulnerable with me, that they then sought out my services.

Because I sense energy, when I pick up on an incongruence between what people are feeling, saying, and doing, I may (depending on circumstances) gently offer them an opening to go deeper than the surface conversation.

Some people don’t want to go there and I fully respect that. But many times, people feel so relieved to be SEEN beyond the surface that they invite me in and we connect from there.

For example, a mum who is juggling her business and children and feeling unsupported and/or guilty might make an off-hand comment about her partner and/or the stress in her life, and instead of glossing over it (bypassing or placating), I open my heart-energy to her and ask a light question about her place in things, and suddenly she recognises that she doesn’t have to hold the pretence with me and can relax more into herself.… and a whole different conversation ensues.

I love love love when people share their true selves with me. I feel so honoured to be allowed into people’s inner-world, whether through my work or private life.

I have a deep love for humanity and holding space for each person’s greatest potential, so anytime I am offered insight into someone’s personal realm is a true privilege.

The biggest reasons people avoid telling me things are guilt and shame. These emotions colour everything we feel with a deeper level of harm, and I can sense it in the person’s energy when speaking with them.

The great paradox is that most people hide behind their guilt/shame when what they deeply crave is to be seen beyond those masks.

The personal truths that I observe through people’s actions and energy (as opposed to what they say) is mostly around how centred they are within themselves – how connected they are to their TRUE selves – their truth and values, rather than the layers of beliefs they have taken on because of family, society, other influences.

There is a certain crystalline clarity and lightness of being around those who are centred with themselves.

I do love observing others’ interactions, the ‘dance’ of emotions, beliefs, words, and actions between multiple people. The personal truths which show clearly to me in observing this comes down to how embodied they are – how aligned their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls… do they slip in and out of different masks based on who they’re interacting with, or do they remain true to themselves even as they consciously lean in/out of a situation?

Humans are social creatures who can use relationships as a path to understanding themselves… if we go beyond venting and gossiping to true heart-felt conversation.

Being able to share our story – without fear of being judged – is a rare but important part of unpacking our ideas and beliefs. To be supported as we look at each childhood belief which is affecting our life now, and decide what serves us and can be amplified, and what doesn’t serve us and can be healed and released, is profound and life-changing.

This witnessing – having someone understand our pain and celebrate our win – touches us at the deepest part of who we are and how we experience our impact on the world. This is the core of the work I do.

I bring ALL of my true self to my work, because the integrity I stand in directly affects my clients who are inviting me into their energy space.

Unlike what most people may assume, this doesn’t mean that I have to be 100% happy and sparkly all of the time… because emotional authenticity is more important than the emotion itself.

Being centred in my divine humanity (flaws and all) is the most important thing I can do in how I serve others. In this space, my intuition is at its strongest, my mind the clearest, and my heart the most compassionate. And that is what I choose to bring to my clients every day.

I wish for people to recognise the amazing and fulfilling life they can create if they are willing to go on the journey of inner-awareness. This doesn’t mean that challenges don’t happen and everything is unicorns-and-rainbows ever after – but it does mean that their ability to ride the highs and lows comes with greater ease, that they find more joy and peace in all the little things, and that life just becomes so much more freaking awesome.

One of the most important things to understand on the personal development journey is that no one can do the work and find the answers but you. BUT you also do not have to do it on your own. In fact, taking full responsibility for yourself WHILE allowing others to support you creates a synergistic flow that supports healing much faster and deeper.

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Photo: Sarah Keen @Truthfullyau

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Intuition (pt 4) ~ Is it your Ego or Soul speaking?

Intuition (pt 4) ~ Is it your Ego or Soul speaking?

An important part of connecting to and strengthening your intuition is learning to differentiate between your fear-driven Ego and love-inspired Soul.

This is also an essential part of developing your discernment – your ability to know what is your truth, separate and beyond the many layers of influence constantly pushing against you.


Your Ego and Soul

Your Ego is formed around your child-self who carries many limiting beliefs and stories, and often tries to keep you safe by having you play small and not take risks.

Your Soul is the eternal part of you that knows, unquestioningly, that you are loved and safe and here to play the big game of life.

When you have travelled on the self-awareness journey for a little while, and come to understand your child-self through compassion and kindness, you will be able to integrate and heal all aspect of yourself.

The more integrated you are, the less divide between your Ego and Soul, and the more centred and empowered you are as a whole being.

Use the table below as a starting point to review with the messages you are receiving, and sense if they are coming from your Ego or Soul… but remember that the nuances of your personal experience is where your truth lives, so pay attention to how YOUR feel and create a more specific guideline for yourself based on that.


Ego Soul
asks you to give your power to others asks you to stand in your own power
your social mask your true essence, connected to Source
needs the approval of others to feel worthy doesn’t take others’ opinions personally
uses labels to separate you from others recognises the divinity in others, the connections between all
trapped in time, concerned about the past or future; regret, shame, anxiety, fear always IN THE PRESENT, in the NOW
pushes, has hyped-energy, often running in fight/flight/freeze mode doesn’t rush you, gently guides you with opportunities, gut-feelings


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© Artemiss Keyhani, 2021
Photo: Sarah Keen @Truthfullyau

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Intuition (pt 3) ~ 10 steps to strengthen your intuition

Intuition (pt 3) ~ 10 steps to strengthen your intuition

There are many ways to access and strengthen your intuition.

Here is one way you can play with it – and I do mean PLAY because having FUN leaves you more relaxed and open to noticing even subtle details and feelings, while being too serious and holding strict expectations of how things should play out will close you off to many synchronicities.


1) Choose the connection tool you would like to use (oracle cards, favourite book, song on the radio) and have it accessible, as well as a journal and pen.


2) Decide on the question that you would like support on from your Higher Self.

Note: do not ask a yes/no question because choice is up to your human free will. Instead ask for guidance or awareness… for example “what does my Higher Self most want to me to be aware of for (situation)” or “what does my Higher Self wish me to know about my decision to (situation)”?


3) Connect to your inner-self (you can use my Centre to Self meditation or any breathing exercise which focuses on your heart-centre) and anchor yourself into your body.


4) Ask your Higher Self the question you prepared earlier. Hold it in your mind as you continue to breathe into your heart-centre.


5) Be aware of any sensation in your body, any emotion arising, or any thought floating in. Don’t get attached to anything but let it all lightly land while you take notice.


6) Now open your eyes and use the tool you selected (draw an oracle card, open the book to a random page, turn on the radio to see what song is on, etc).


7) Pay attention to the FIRST emotion you feel and/or image that comes to your mind in response to the card/text/song – this first impulse is the clearest access point to your intuition, before your logical mind jumps in to solve the puzzle.

The more you strengthen your intuitive connection, the longer you can hold the space for intuition to speak to you before logic takes over (and eventually you can suspend it altogether if/when you choose).


8) Start journaling what you are feeling/seeing… just allow the words flow without any editing or scripting.


9) When the writing comes to a natural end, re-read your question and review what you received through the tool, and this time invite your logic in to use the intuitive data alongside all the other sources of information, and see what other insights come to you.


10) Write your insights down and observe them for the next day or two – do you notice any signs? Does a thought or symbol keep popping into you head? Do you see any repeating imagery?

These ‘echoes’ are all part of your intuitive connection, and as you strengthen this connection you will notice the echoes around you more often. And the awesome thing is that they have been there all the time, but now you can finally SEE them.


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© Artemiss Keyhani, 2021
Photo: Sarah Keen @Truthfullyau

Are you interested in strengthening your intuition?

Are you looking for a coach to guide you in achieving a deeper connection to your inner-wisdom?

If yes, I would love to connect with you and explore how I can support you.

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Intuition (pt 1) ~ What is it good for?

Intuition (pt 1) ~ What is it good for?

What is intuition?

Essentially, intuition is the deep-knowing without knowing how-you-know process.

In short, you “just know” !

Importantly, intuition can be understood and valued from both a psychological and spiritual perspective.


Intuition in psychology

In psychology, intuition is understood to be the unconscious processing of thousands of points of experience and knowledge which is not based on pure logical thinking.

For example, intuition takes into account subtle environmental factors before the logical mind has a chance to notice, catalogue, and respond to them.

Intuition may also ‘read’ people’s facial expressions, body language, and vocal tones to give a deeper insight into their intentions before the analytical mind has processed their words and meanings.

In this way, intuition can help us assess and respond to a situation faster than our rational mind; and it can also pull together various threads of information to help in making a decision when there is not enough data for a logical conclusion.


Intuition in spirituality

For those of us who are spiritually inclined, intuition plays another meaningful role too. In recognising ourselves as energetic beings, we understand intuition as a source of guidance from our Higher Self, Soul and/or Source.

When we are centred in ourselves (meaning we are secure and guided by our own intrinsic-values rather than living in reaction to external validation and definition) then we are in flow with the universe, and intuition comes smoothly and naturally.


Intuition and logic

Unfortunately, most of us are not raised in families, schools, and societies which recognised – much less encourage – the use of our intuition as a valued and important part of our holistic thinking process.

Logic, which is an invaluable process of the brain’s frontal lobe, has allowed us to excel in technology, engineering, and other amazing feats of modern civilisation. In and of itself, logic is a true gift of our evolution.

However, we have been conditioned to believe that to be intuitive is to deny logic and/or to value logic means we should ignore our intuition. But if you look closely and read widely, you will actually notice that many top CEOs, inventors, and visionaries use BOTH – and this is where true magic happens!


Strengthening your intuition

As most of us are accustomed to the use of logic, it is important that we devote time connecting with and strengthening our intuition, so that we can bring together all possible sources of knowledge and understanding into our everyday living.


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© Artemiss Keyhani, 2021
Photo: Sarah Keen @Truthfullyau

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The Glimmer

The Glimmer

The Man, yes That One
The One Meant for Me…

I waited for the Knight in Shining Armour
I looked for the one who would Fight for Me
I sought the one to whom I would Mean Everything.

I caught a glimmer here and there
Offered my heart on a platter
And cried foul when it was shattered again
And again.

I caught a glimmer here and there
So I walked forth, and there!
Just there, in front of me, I saw
Those Eyes who Understood Me
Those Lips that Smiled Only for Me
The Heart that Glowed with Compassion.

I caught a glimmer here and there
So I took the final step, and there!
Just there, in front of me, I saw

Now that I Know Myself
As Whole, Complete, Divine
I don’t wait for the Knight
because I am the Sovereign Queen
I don’t look for anyone to fight for me
because I am the Warrior
I don’t seek the one to mean everything to
because I am My Own Everything.

I am the glimmer, right here
and as I remember Who I AM
I shine ever so brighter
as I continue to Become.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2020
Photo: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Do you know yourself as a Complete and Divine being?

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Anger is an energy

Anger is an energy


It is powerful.

It is all consuming.

It is discouraged in ‘nice’ people.

Some of us feel we need to ignore it – for us to show anger represents a lack of enlightenment.

Some of us feel we need to tame it – for us it can only lead to confusion and chaos.

Some of us feel we need to overcome it – for us it is the unacceptable loss of self-control.

And in the ‘new (c)age’ era we are told to transform it into ‘light and love’ immediately.

But what if anger serves its greatest purpose by its existence alone?

What if there is nothing to ignore, tame, overcome, or transform?

What if anger’s purpose is to just be felt; inviting us to accept the gifts it offers?

I am not talking about using anger as an excuse for abusing others, or wallowing in it to self-flagellate. These are symptoms of repressed emotions that have turned rancid.

I am talking about raw and immediate anger. The one that lets us know when our personal values have been violated. The alarm-bells when we witness inhumane behaviour right before our eyes. That which takes us to the depths of our shadow-self where we can find new wisdom and fiery energy to motivate us out of hurtful situations.

Anger in its truest form can fuel us without making us burn.

It comes, bright and hot. And it speaks, clear and simple.

Unfortunately, in our inability to just exist with it, we make it something ugly and violating; losing the insight and boundless energy offered by the experience.


Here’s something to try the next time you feel triggered or upset:

  1. Pause for a moment before you start acting out the patterns attached to your anger (eg blaming someone, shaming yourself, or numbing it out with food).
  2. Take a few deep breaths and direct your awareness to your heart.
  3. Simply ask yourself “What is this anger trying to tell me?”
  4. Then shhhh… just listen.

If conscious awareness of emotions is a new thing for you, it may take a few tries before your heart trusts enough to share its message and your inner-ears are open enough to hear it. But it’s worth it… because the answers are already within you.

As the great poet Johnny Lydon once said “Anger is an Energy” – so use it wisely!
But then again… ‘I could be wrong, I could be right’.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2019
Photo: Cupoheld from Pixabay

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Dancing with my (Divine) Self

Dancing with my (Divine) Self

Escaping to retreats in the wilderness or doing workshops away from the interruptions of daily life are powerful ways to break through your personal blocks and find deeper connection with your Divine Self.

But how do you bridge the experience-gap after such an event and apply your new found spiritual connection within the demands of your busy schedule?

Or what if it’s not even possible for you to make such an escape in the first place?

The great news is that you can access your Divine Self through sacred ritual and intentional action, starting where you are right now, using whatever is readily available.

Rituals are a powerful way for you to enter sacred space where you can better connect with your Divine Self. Anything can be deemed sacred just because you decide it is so, and intentional action is when you consciously choose your path and actively work towards it.

Here are three ideas:

  1. Transform something you already do every day into an opportunity to connect to your Divine Self. For example, as you shower in the morning, visualise the water washing over you as a golden light cleansing away all of your worries.

Feel Universal Love fill your body. Take a moment to ask your Divine Self what message you can keep in your heart today and see what comes to you.

  1. Dress yourself to align with the vibration you desire that day. Sometimes you may crave dark colours to help you feel grounded, while other days you need bright tones to lift your energy. Or perhaps you can wear the special necklace your grandmother gave you so you can find strength in her loving memory to support you through a challenging time.
  1. Forgive yourself. One of the biggest sources of disconnection from your Divine Self is your guilt or sense of not being good enough.

You can either do this while in an energised state (eg dancing to your favourite high vibe song) or in a relaxed state (eg when preparing to go to sleep). Once you have become centred in that activity ask yourself “What do I need to forgive myself for right now?” Don’t analyse the answer, but accept the first thing that pops in your mind (it can be as simple as burning the roast or something significant like arguing with a loved one). This is not the time to get stuck in the details but to merely send compassion to yourself, sealing it with the affirmation of “I forgive and love myself completely”.

Bring awareness to your every day habits and see what fun you can have creating meaningful rituals that keep you in touch with your Divine Self. Because life is much better when you work in partnership with yourself.

And bonus points for rocking out with Billy Idol’s “Dancing with myself”… just because.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2019
Photo: Perlinator from Pixabay

Do you have an abundance of Soul-full moments in your day?

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