Intuition (pt 4) ~ Is it your Ego or Soul speaking?

Intuition (pt 4) ~ Is it your Ego or Soul speaking?

An important part of connecting to and strengthening your intuition is learning to differentiate between your fear-driven Ego and love-inspired Soul.

This is also an essential part of developing your discernment – your ability to know what is your truth, separate and beyond the many layers of influence constantly pushing against you.


Your Ego and Soul

Your Ego is formed around your child-self who carries many limiting beliefs and stories, and often tries to keep you safe by having you play small and not take risks.

Your Soul is the eternal part of you that knows, unquestioningly, that you are loved and safe and here to play the big game of life.

When you have travelled on the self-awareness journey for a little while, and come to understand your child-self through compassion and kindness, you will be able to integrate and heal all aspect of yourself.

The more integrated you are, the less divide between your Ego and Soul, and the more centred and empowered you are as a whole being.

Use the table below as a starting point to review with the messages you are receiving, and sense if they are coming from your Ego or Soul… but remember that the nuances of your personal experience is where your truth lives, so pay attention to how YOUR feel and create a more specific guideline for yourself based on that.


Ego Soul
asks you to give your power to others asks you to stand in your own power
your social mask your true essence, connected to Source
needs the approval of others to feel worthy doesn’t take others’ opinions personally
uses labels to separate you from others recognises the divinity in others, the connections between all
trapped in time, concerned about the past or future; regret, shame, anxiety, fear always IN THE PRESENT, in the NOW
pushes, has hyped-energy, often running in fight/flight/freeze mode doesn’t rush you, gently guides you with opportunities, gut-feelings


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Are you interested in strengthening your intuition?

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Intuition (pt 3) ~ 10 steps to strengthen your intuition

Intuition (pt 3) ~ 10 steps to strengthen your intuition

There are many ways to access and strengthen your intuition.

Here is one way you can play with it – and I do mean PLAY because having FUN leaves you more relaxed and open to noticing even subtle details and feelings, while being too serious and holding strict expectations of how things should play out will close you off to many synchronicities.


1) Choose the connection tool you would like to use (oracle cards, favourite book, song on the radio) and have it accessible, as well as a journal and pen.


2) Decide on the question that you would like support on from your Higher Self.

Note: do not ask a yes/no question because choice is up to your human free will. Instead ask for guidance or awareness… for example “what does my Higher Self most want to me to be aware of for (situation)” or “what does my Higher Self wish me to know about my decision to (situation)”?


3) Connect to your inner-self (you can use my Centre to Self meditation or any breathing exercise which focuses on your heart-centre) and anchor yourself into your body.


4) Ask your Higher Self the question you prepared earlier. Hold it in your mind as you continue to breathe into your heart-centre.


5) Be aware of any sensation in your body, any emotion arising, or any thought floating in. Don’t get attached to anything but let it all lightly land while you take notice.


6) Now open your eyes and use the tool you selected (draw an oracle card, open the book to a random page, turn on the radio to see what song is on, etc).


7) Pay attention to the FIRST emotion you feel and/or image that comes to your mind in response to the card/text/song – this first impulse is the clearest access point to your intuition, before your logical mind jumps in to solve the puzzle.

The more you strengthen your intuitive connection, the longer you can hold the space for intuition to speak to you before logic takes over (and eventually you can suspend it altogether if/when you choose).


8) Start journaling what you are feeling/seeing… just allow the words flow without any editing or scripting.


9) When the writing comes to a natural end, re-read your question and review what you received through the tool, and this time invite your logic in to use the intuitive data alongside all the other sources of information, and see what other insights come to you.


10) Write your insights down and observe them for the next day or two – do you notice any signs? Does a thought or symbol keep popping into you head? Do you see any repeating imagery?

These ‘echoes’ are all part of your intuitive connection, and as you strengthen this connection you will notice the echoes around you more often. And the awesome thing is that they have been there all the time, but now you can finally SEE them.


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© Artemiss Keyhani, 2021
Photo: Sarah Keen @Truthfullyau

Are you interested in strengthening your intuition?

Are you looking for a guide to support you in achieving a deeper connection to your inner-wisdom?

If yes, I would love to connect with you and explore how I can support you.

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Intuition (pt 1) ~ What is it good for?

Intuition (pt 1) ~ What is it good for?

What is intuition?

Essentially, intuition is the deep-knowing without knowing how-you-know process.

In short, you “just know” !

Importantly, intuition can be understood and valued from both a psychological and spiritual perspective.


Intuition in psychology

In psychology, intuition is understood to be the unconscious processing of thousands of points of experience and knowledge which is not based on pure logical thinking.

For example, intuition takes into account subtle environmental factors before the logical mind has a chance to notice, catalogue, and respond to them.

Intuition may also ‘read’ people’s facial expressions, body language, and vocal tones to give a deeper insight into their intentions before the analytical mind has processed their words and meanings.

In this way, intuition can help us assess and respond to a situation faster than our rational mind; and it can also pull together various threads of information to help in making a decision when there is not enough data for a logical conclusion.


Intuition in spirituality

For those of us who are spiritually inclined, intuition plays another meaningful role too. In recognising ourselves as energetic beings, we understand intuition as a source of guidance from our Higher Self, Soul and/or Source.

When we are centred in ourselves (meaning we are secure and guided by our own intrinsic-values rather than living in reaction to external validation and definition) then we are in flow with the universe, and intuition comes smoothly and naturally.


Intuition and logic

Unfortunately, most of us are not raised in families, schools, and societies which recognised – much less encourage – the use of our intuition as a valued and important part of our holistic thinking process.

Logic, which is an invaluable process of the brain’s frontal lobe, has allowed us to excel in technology, engineering, and other amazing feats of modern civilisation. In and of itself, logic is a true gift of our evolution.

However, we have been conditioned to believe that to be intuitive is to deny logic and/or to value logic means we should ignore our intuition. But if you look closely and read widely, you will actually notice that many top CEOs, inventors, and visionaries use BOTH – and this is where true magic happens!


Strengthening your intuition

As most of us are accustomed to the use of logic, it is important that we devote time connecting with and strengthening our intuition, so that we can bring together all possible sources of knowledge and understanding into our everyday living.


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© Artemiss Keyhani, 2021
Photo: Sarah Keen @Truthfullyau

Are you interested in strengthening your intuition?

Are you looking for a guide to support you in achieving a deeper connection to your inner-wisdom?

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The Glimmer

The Glimmer

The Man, yes That One
The One Meant for Me…

I waited for the Knight in Shining Armour
I looked for the one who would Fight for Me
I sought the one to whom I would Mean Everything.

I caught a glimmer here and there
Offered my heart on a platter
And cried foul when it was shattered again
And again.

I caught a glimmer here and there
So I walked forth, and there!
Just there, in front of me, I saw
Those Eyes who Understood Me
Those Lips that Smiled Only for Me
The Heart that Glowed with Compassion.

I caught a glimmer here and there
So I took the final step, and there!
Just there, in front of me, I saw

Now that I Know Myself
As Whole, Complete, Divine
I don’t wait for the Knight
because I am the Sovereign Queen
I don’t look for anyone to fight for me
because I am the Warrior
I don’t seek the one to mean everything to
because I am My Own Everything.

I am the glimmer, right here
and as I remember Who I AM
I shine ever so brighter
as I continue to Become.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2020
Photo: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Do you know yourself as a Complete and Divine being?

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Anger is an energy

Anger is an energy


It is powerful.

It is all consuming.

It is discouraged in ‘nice’ people.

Some of us feel we need to ignore it – for us to show anger represents a lack of enlightenment.

Some of us feel we need to tame it – for us it can only lead to confusion and chaos.

Some of us feel we need to overcome it – for us it is the unacceptable loss of self-control.

And in the ‘new (c)age’ era we are told to transform it into ‘light and love’ immediately.

But what if anger serves its greatest purpose by its existence alone?

What if there is nothing to ignore, tame, overcome, or transform?

What if anger’s purpose is to just be felt; inviting us to accept the gifts it offers?

I am not talking about using anger as an excuse for abusing others, or wallowing in it to self-flagellate. These are symptoms of repressed emotions that have turned rancid.

I am talking about raw and immediate anger. The one that lets us know when our personal values have been violated. The alarm-bells when we witness inhumane behaviour right before our eyes. That which takes us to the depths of our shadow-self where we can find new wisdom and fiery energy to motivate us out of hurtful situations.

Anger in its truest form can fuel us without making us burn.

It comes, bright and hot. And it speaks, clear and simple.

Unfortunately, in our inability to just exist with it, we make it something ugly and violating; losing the insight and boundless energy offered by the experience.


Here’s something to try the next time you feel triggered or upset:

  1. Pause for a moment before you start acting out the patterns attached to your anger (eg blaming someone, shaming yourself, or numbing it out with food).
  2. Take a few deep breaths and direct your awareness to your heart.
  3. Simply ask yourself “What is this anger trying to tell me?”
  4. Then shhhh… just listen.

If conscious awareness of emotions is a new thing for you, it may take a few tries before your heart trusts enough to share its message and your inner-ears are open enough to hear it. But it’s worth it… because the answers are already within you.

As the great poet Johnny Lydon once said “Anger is an Energy” – so use it wisely!
But then again… ‘I could be wrong, I could be right’.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2019
Photo: Cupoheld from Pixabay

Do you have a healthy relationship with Anger?

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Dancing with my (Divine) Self

Dancing with my (Divine) Self

Escaping to retreats in the wilderness or doing workshops away from the interruptions of daily life are powerful ways to break through your personal blocks and find deeper connection with your Divine Self.

But how do you bridge the experience-gap after such an event and apply your new found spiritual connection within the demands of your busy schedule?

Or what if it’s not even possible for you to make such an escape in the first place?

The great news is that you can access your Divine Self through sacred ritual and intentional action, starting where you are right now, using whatever is readily available.

Rituals are a powerful way for you to enter sacred space where you can better connect with your Divine Self. Anything can be deemed sacred just because you decide it is so, and intentional action is when you consciously choose your path and actively work towards it.

Here are three ideas:

  1. Transform something you already do every day into an opportunity to connect to your Divine Self. For example, as you shower in the morning, visualise the water washing over you as a golden light cleansing away all of your worries.

Feel Universal Love fill your body. Take a moment to ask your Divine Self what message you can keep in your heart today and see what comes to you.

  1. Dress yourself to align with the vibration you desire that day. Sometimes you may crave dark colours to help you feel grounded, while other days you need bright tones to lift your energy. Or perhaps you can wear the special necklace your grandmother gave you so you can find strength in her loving memory to support you through a challenging time.
  1. Forgive yourself. One of the biggest sources of disconnection from your Divine Self is your guilt or sense of not being good enough.

You can either do this while in an energised state (eg dancing to your favourite high vibe song) or in a relaxed state (eg when preparing to go to sleep). Once you have become centred in that activity ask yourself “What do I need to forgive myself for right now?” Don’t analyse the answer, but accept the first thing that pops in your mind (it can be as simple as burning the roast or something significant like arguing with a loved one). This is not the time to get stuck in the details but to merely send compassion to yourself, sealing it with the affirmation of “I forgive and love myself completely”.

Bring awareness to your every day habits and see what fun you can have creating meaningful rituals that keep you in touch with your Divine Self. Because life is much better when you work in partnership with yourself.

And bonus points for rocking out with Billy Idol’s “Dancing with myself”… just because.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2019
Photo: Perlinator from Pixabay

Do you have an abundance of Soul-full moments in your day?

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The gift of holding space

The gift of holding space

‘Holding space’ is one of the greatest gifts we can offer another person.

Whether we are speaking with a friend in need, working with a colleague in a challenging situation, or supporting a client to overcome their obstacles, ‘holding space’ means we create a clearing in our own thoughts and reactions so we can meet the other person where they’re at.

By holding space, we offer others a safe container so they feel heard and seen, without judgement.

Often when we confide in others, or find ourselves in a potentially volatile conversation, there is the fear of being judged or rejected. This automatically creates a barrier as we put up defences to hide our vulnerability and not risk looking foolish.

And so the opportunity for true heart-felt connection is lost… and the very real cost of this (in our families, communities, and business environments) are people who feel isolated, unsupported, and disconnected.

The art of holding space can be achieved through a few simple – yet ego-challenging – steps:

1) Clear your mind and focus on this moment.

2) Give up the need to analyse or fix the other person. Accept that they are on their own path and your role is to hold their hand (and heart) while they face their shadow in the way that feels safe for them.

3) Ask gentle questions to allow the person to unravel the thoughts that roll in, but don’t be attached to the answer – this is not about proving how much you know, or your skills in diagnosing them – but merely witnessing them.

4) If the other person’s story triggers you, breathe deeply and honour your own process without bringing it into their story. This is not the time to compare tragedies to see who is worse off.

5) Offer your compassion without ‘buying into’ their story or agreeing to their version of events because that will only lock them further into a certain perspective, which may not serve them in the long run.

6) There is no ‘goal’ or ‘result’ to strive for. Don’t push the person beyond where they are ready and willing to go themselves. Trust that you are part of a loving process in that moment, and the best you can do is be available when they want to journey further.

7) Be very aware of the role you play so that you are not enabling them in a state of victimhood. If you feel that the person is using your presence as a tool to keep themselves stuck, then step back graciously, release them with love, and help them find more suitable support.

Practising the above steps allows us to be better listeners and more honest communicators, so we can be the best version of ourselves and truly embrace the gifts of our humanity.


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2019
Photo: Skeeze from Pixabay

Can you be present and hold space for someone in need?

Are you looking for a guide to help you develop awareness about your own triggers so you can show-up for others more fully?

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No suffering necessary

No suffering necessary

We do NOT have to suffer… before earning the right to happiness.

Or to be deserving of abundance or worthy of enlightenment.

If any ‘guru’ or belief-system tries to convince you otherwise, please embrace your self-loving boundaries and run the other way – fast!

Because suffering is no longer a prerequisite for evolving as a spiritual being or embracing personal joy. We must stop glorifying drama and trauma as the only path to Love.

Most of us experience challenging situations that test us – sometimes a little and sometimes to the edge of breaking – and these most certainly affect the person we become. For those who embrace and transform their pain, they do indeed offer a perspective and connection that can sooth, empower, and heal others.

But to claim that strength and wisdom can ONLY come from those who have suffered sets up a very limiting possibility from which we can live in the world. It leaves us asking How do I know if I have suffered enough? What is the barometer and who am I comparing my pain against to see if I’m worthy yet?

The belief system that we can only grow through suffering also ignores other sources of wisdom:

  • what we have experienced and learned in previous lives
  • divine guidance from sources other than our own physical experience
  • our ability to empathise with others without having to suffer through the same ourselves.

I used to believe in absolute duality, that we cannot know cold without hot, up without down, happiness without sadness… but I know now that it doesn’t have to be that way. These beliefs – so ingrained in many of our cultures, religions, spirituality – once served a purpose of creating contrast as a way for us to understand certain energetic concepts, especially at a time when humanity felt itself separate from Source/God and undeserving of Love.… but that time has passed. We have found our Divinity-Within and know there is an alternative for those who want to take a path of greater peace and ease, because we already ARE Love.


So, if you stand in the possibility that you no longer *have to* suffer in order to ‘deserve’, how different would life look?

What happiness would you call forth right now?

What abundance would you readily allow into your life?

What enlightenment would be yours to claim, just because?


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2019
Photo: Artemiss Keyhani

Do you want to change beliefs about not deserving joy in your life?

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Dressing up, down or sideways

Dressing up, down or sideways

How we physically present ourselves is a key part of our power, in terms of inviting connections and improving understanding.

It’s all very well to say people shouldn’t judge on appearance alone, but really… who doesn’t?

We judge the person standing near the dark alley – will we be safe walking past him? We judge the person knocking on our door about some cause – do we have anything in common with her and willing to make the time to listen?

This topic came to my attention a few years ago when my children and I joined a peaceful demonstration against a local circus that uses exotic animals in their show. There were about 25 adults and 15 kids of various ages in our group. It was a respectful presence and many of the cars that drove past beeped their horns as a sign of support.

What was most interesting to notice – as I am very much a people watcher – were the looks on the faces of the people who were driving into the grounds where the circus was held. Either they had already bought their tickets or were about to – so were very much the people whose attention we were seeking.

Almost all of us were dressed in what can loosely be termed ‘hippy’ gear (and while I don’t identify myself under this label, the tasselled paisley jacket I wore said otherwise). The people who drove by looked at us en-mass and I could see their dismissive expressions, as if to say “there goes those crazy hippies – not people I relate to” so it was easy for them to dismiss us.

However, two of the ladies in our group had joined us after work and were wearing suit pants and jackets, and the looks they attracted were radically different. I saw many people doing double-takes, as if to say “what are these respectful people doing with the hippies? What have they got to say about this?”

I am not sharing this story to demonstrate my mind-reading skills but because it brings to awareness our need to be conscious of how we are perceived. Does this mean I recommend that we all put on facades or socially-acceptable masks? Feek no! But I do encourage you to be aware of how you present yourself, so that if you are constantly getting a certain (undesirable) response you can then evaluate what is behind it and whether you want to make different choices.

Years ago – after working for myself for many years during which I accumulated a few facial piercings – I was headhunted by a design studio looking for a client manager. As I was preparing to go to the interview a friend asked if I was going to remove my piercings and I said no, because I had consciously decided that I did not want to work for someone who was going to judge my suitability based on a few extra holes. But… I did also choose to dress in a clean professional outfit because I knew it would portray a very different image than if my piercings were accompanied by ripped jeans and a dirty t-shirt.

So it becomes a dance – how do we express ourselves authentically while still being relatable to those we want to connect with or serve?


© Artemiss Keyhani, 2019
Photo: Stux from Pixabay

Are you conscious of what your style says to others?

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