Why I serve…

I feel greater trust in myself and my own judgement; plus deeper conviction of what I am offering and how it will benefit others. I no longer feel like I am flapping around, being ‘busy’ but not actually getting anywhere.

Carly Lownds ~ The Healthy Kids Kitchen, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

I serve because my Vision is…

Empowering entrepreneurs to connect to their inner-wisdom and recognise themselves as the only gurus they’ll ever need; so they can lead the change towards joyful, fulfilling and ethically-profitable business.

I achieve this by…

  • Working with Micro and Small Business owner in the wellness or personal services industries, who are passionate about empowering & equipping their clients to thrive.
  • Supporting them to release the dogma & hustle-mentality and clarify their focus & energy for greater impact with ease.
  • Guiding them to magnify their personal integrity as the path to their authentic success.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your first service experience with me is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. So there is NO RISK to you in taking the next step on your journey to clarity. Please see #11 in my Client Agreement for the T&Cs.